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  • 报告主题:Band Engineering, Pseudocubic, and High-entropy in Thermoelectric Materials

    报告嘉宾:张文清教授 南方科技大学

    时  间:2018年5月18日(周五下午 16:00-17:30

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        In the design of advanced energy materials with complex structure, understanding the transport fundamentals of energy carriers such as electrons, phonons and ions, as well as their coupling with structure evolution, is the key scientific issues to be pursued. The materials complexity gives rise to many opportunities for new findings. We started our computation-experiment-coupling work to build special functional map (i.e. performance descriptor ~ structure relationship) for screening novel materials through digging into structural databases. For the research on a typical open-structure (caged) TE skutterudites CoSb3, we constructed a filling map for rationalizing the filling behavior and their effect on electrical/thermal transports from guest fillers, leading to the discovery of a series of TE materials with figure of merits ZTs exceeding 1.5. We also found that pseudocubic approach could be adopted to realize good electronic transport properties through the utilization of cubic-like degenerate electronic bands, via the coexistence of a long-range cubic framework with short-range non-cubic lattice distortions in multi-component systems. This provides an efficient way to screen thousands of non-cubic chalcopyrites. The pseudocubic approach also naturally leads to the discovery of the so-called high-entropy thermoelectric materials, basically those entropy-stabilized multi-component compounds with high-performance. Most of those materials also show good electrical transports due to the existence of conduction network, very likely the intrinsic property of complex materials system in our understanding.



    张文清,南方科技大学教授。主要从事计算材料科学研究和材料设计,在电热输运、高性能热电材料和锂电池材料的微观设计与实现、及氧化物界面等方向取得了系列重要成果。国家杰出青年科学基金获得者,科学院百人计划,百千万人才工程国家级人选,上海市优秀学科带头人,美国物理学会会士(APS Fellow, 国际热电学会理事;先后获国家自然科学二等奖,上海自然科学一等奖。1992年中科院上海光机所博士;1998年至2003年先后在德国马普协会、美国Harvard大学和Princeton大学等单位访问学者。