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  • 报告题目:In situ measurement of radiation damage with transient grating spectroscopy and ion beams



    主讲嘉宾:Michael Philip Short  美国麻省理工学院(MIT








    Materials issues are the main factors holding back life extension of light water reactors and deployment of advanced reactors. Radiation damage still limits the lifetime of current and future nuclear reactors, but our ability to quickly gauge its extent is severely limited. In this talk, we will introduce our improvement and application of transient grating spectroscopy (TGS) to study how materials behave during irradiation on the mesoscale. Changes in thermal diffusivity are linked to defect clustering and radiation induced segregation (RIS) in both pure metals and neutron-irradiated steels, while changes in stiffness correlate strongly to the onset of void swelling. This technique reduces the time to acquire key knowledge of material property changes under irradiation from months to hours, greatly speeding up our ability to qualify and down-select from among candidate radiation resistant materials, and gauge their lifetimes in nuclear applications.




    Michael Philip Short,博士,美国麻省理工学院教授。2005年获得麻省理工学院核科学与工程和材料科学与工程双学士学位,2010年获得麻省理工学院核科学与工程博士学位。研究领域为核材料科学、材料多尺度建模和数值模拟。近年来在事故容错核燃料、新一代反应堆先进合金材料研制和利用瞬态光栅光谱法研究材料辐照缺陷演变方面取得了一系列创新性研究成果,在Nature MaterialsActa MaterialiaJournal of Nuclear MaterialsNanoscale等著名期刊发表数十篇高水平论文。