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  • 报告主题Memory device for photonic data storage and neuromorphic  computing


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        Compared with classic von Neumann architecture, neuromorphic  computing which incorporates prominent merits of low power assumption, high  storage efficiency and good fault tolerance has received widespread attention.  Synapses are the basic units of signal transmission and regulation in the  nervous system in which the signals are transmitted from the presynaptic  membrane along the synaptic cleft to the postsynaptic membrane. Neuromorphic  artificial synapse can emulate learning, memory and data processing of human  brain like bio-synapse by adjusting the connection strength between neurons to  break the von Neumann bottleneck. To date, tremendous effects have been taken to  implement a promising synaptic device by exploring emerging nanoelectronic  devices including field effect transistor, flash memory, memristor and so on.  For artificial intelligence, our recent works mainly focus on three  parts:

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    个人简介:韩素婷,深圳大学电子科学与技术学院副教授,主要研究领域为非易失型存储器和功能型电子元器件。2010年起已在国际著名期刊Nat. Commun.1, Adv. Mater. 8, Mater. Today1, ACS Nano1, Small3发表SCI论文60, SCI引用超过1100次,H因子17。第一作者及通讯作者的论文26篇,平均影响因子大于10。其中9篇第一作者及通讯作者论文选为Adv. Mater. small杂志封面。撰写国际专著2章,拥有美国发明专利授权3项,中国发明专利授权1项,申请中国发明专利20项。